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Every industry has its common challenges. In mobile marketing, connecting authentically with customers is a biggie. There are devices, and often thousands of miles, between you and your customers. If you could climb through these devices to speak directly to them, you might. Since we haven’t yet built that sort of tech, the challenge is making those real-life connections through the zeros and ones of the digital ether.

Here are a few of the most common challenges marketers face in their day-to-day effort to reach customers authentically, and some simple solutions for overcoming them, and giving your audience the experience they deserve are elucidated by Francisco, Mobidea.

Let’s say you’ve created your campaign. You’ve put some money into it, assured your boss that it’s going to be awesome, and then, nothing happens. Or even worse, a complete disaster – you can almost hear the fire truck sirens in the distance.

You misread the analytics, didn’t sign up for a good affiliate program, or made one of the many very reasonable and normal mistakes.

It happens. Since the mobile space is so competitive and dynamic, it’s only natural that even the slightest mistake can have real consequences. However, the even bigger problem is when you do everything right, and you STILL get no traffic and zeo feedback.

Nowadays, the ad space is ridiculously crowded. In fact, there are literally millions of blog posts published every day, all vying for the most lucrative advertisers, trying to get the biggest audience, and rank high with their posts.

The same goes for apps: the market is saturated with products that are similar to yours (unless you’ve had a super-ingenious idea, in which case – hats off to you, dear friend!) so trying to stand out is a daunting task, to say the least.

That being said, what can you do about this?

How can you avoid the crude nightmare of doing everything right and not getting the results you were expecting to get?

It’s obvious that there’s no real answer. Even so, there are a few simple steps you can take:

==> BE SURE you did everything right. Create the best content you can, proofread it, format it, re-check the formatting, check all the URLs, referral links, and so on.

==> Analytics are your friend. Make sure you know how to correctly read and use them. Seriously, you won’t get far without this. They are pretty user-friendly, and there are tons of tutorials online.

==> Test stuff! Try different marketing approaches. Learn how to perform A/B testing. Plus: remember that surveys, comments, and other such feedback from your audience is worth its weight in gold. You can never forget to appreciate and encourage those invaluable interactions.

==> Having great push notifications on your apps is an absolute must. Don’t be overbearing with it, though: it’s all about timing and having an appropriate, perfectly targeted message.

In the end, the most important advice I can give you is simple: don’t ever be afraid of failure.

The frequently shady nightmare you may be experiencing has happened to literally thousands of marketers. It happens and that’s it. You learn from it! You try to focus on analyzing the available data so as to figure out what went wrong.

Then, what?

What do you do after you’ve created a new strategy, rested for a while, and devised a new-born plan?

You try again!

With time, you’ll get better. Trust me on this: it all gets way easier, and the money keeps rolling in!

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