Top 8 In-App Video Advertising Networks

The real catch is identifying which video ad network best suits you. Each ad network is different, and depending on how you fit, you might achieve radically different results. Rather than send you out into the wild world of internet research on your own, we’ve gathered together 8 of the best in-app video networks and found
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Study: Best Time For Mobile Video Ads [Stats]

Dive Brief: YuMe released its Publisher’s Guide for video advertising with findings including video ads are more effective in the morning (59 on a scale of 1-100) than in the evening (45) according to a release on the guide. Both mornings (+11%) and nights (+5%) scored highest on purchase intent, although afternoons and evenings (both
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App Monetization With Rewarded Video [PDF]

Video marketing is big business as corporations increasingly shift their budgets from TV ads to online content. A recent study showed that rewarded videos can boost your IAP (In App Purchases) revenue: 4.7% of players who watched a rewarded video made an IAP – 6X more conversions than from those who did not. In addition to the cost
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