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About Us

hunt is the leading independent mobile advertising company targeted to Spanish-speaking market, including all Latin American and the U.S. Hispanic market, and offers solutions to discover, build brands and capitalize on the mobile Internet sector. Mobile devices are a key communications platform and HUNT creates the tools for any company in the region make the most of their mobile business. In the early 2010s, a group of businessmen from the mobile and internet industries visualize the giant opportunity to develop a Mobile Advertising business in Latin America. At that moment, they faced the problem that there were very few mobile sites and advertisers had no possibility to advertise. HUNT Mobile Ads was born with the goal to clear the way and allow the existence of mobile Internet businesses. We develop technologies for media businesses in the mobile environment and invest in tools to improve the mobile sector. This sector presents unique opportunities and challenges, and we have all of the tools to build upon these opportunities, and overcome these challenges. We provide business models, services, tools and essential data for the development and growth of mobile internet.  Headquartered in Argentina, our goal is to develop the business throughout the region with offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile, while doing business in all of the countries which make up the LatAm region. We help companies to develop their mobile content at the highest level.