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About Us

MobileDevHQ is marketing SaaS for mobile app publishers. We help app marketers increase organic downloads by analyzing and optimizing their unpaid app marketing channels. The rapid shift from Web-centric to "mobile first" customer engagement has caught enterprise marketers unprepared. Most web marketing strategies and tools are not applicable to native apps or app store distribution, and marketers are desperate for new solutions to help them understand and optimize both paid and unpaid app marketing channels. Our current product automatically tracks app performance in app store search -- both in absolute terms and relative to competing apps -- and provides clear, actionable recommendations for improving app store search performance. Recommendations includes specific app keyword suggestions based on relevance, difficulty, and in-store search volume (the last of which is difficult to obtain and currently unique to our offering). Longer term, our vision is to be the console through which app marketers understand and optimize all organic app marketing channels, including social, earned media, web landing pages, and more.