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About Us

Mobusi is one of the most valued mobile agencies worldwide, delivering over 140 million mobile clicks a day and generating more than 290,000 daily conversions. We are a mobile advertising platform geared towards earning the highest revenue possible for our publishers whilst reaching the goals of our advertisers. Our HQ is in Madrid however we have offices in Mexico City, LA, Singapore and a team in India. We use all pricing models across more than 14,000 campaigns a day, obtaining more than 1 million conversions. We use our own technology in order to offer the best rentability possible to our clients within their marketing campaigns and to webmasters for their mobile traffic. Our traffic comes from webmasters as well as RTB, Media Buying and Affiliation departments. Through our use of traditional online advertising methods as well as video campaigns and using our own DSP, we are an agency who more than offers the full package.