Disclaimer and Disclosure

Mobuzz is group of experts that have proven experience in Mobile App Marketing, Mobile Analytics, Mobile App Monteization. Mobuzz uses its own proprietary system of rules and conditions to determine whether the submitted companies are eligible for a listing. Therefore, it should be understood that all listings on Mobuzz are based off a SUBJECTIVE opinion from the staff at Mobuzz.

These listings should be seen strictly as opinions, and any decisions made in choosing an Mobile Marketing firm based on these listings should be done with that mind. Mobuzz and any of its third-party affiliates hold no liability for any consequences, including any damages or loss, resulting from choices made through its listings.

We highly recommend doing your own research and analysis before you hire the firms listed on Mobuzz.

How do we do this:

All companies listed in Mobuzz have been entered through the “Submit your Company” form. The listings are created based on a number of factors including, but not limited to previous projects which were undertaken, client reviews, accolades and awards won.

Please note:

Given that the listings are created from the submissions received in the “Submit your Company” form, Mobuzz should not be considered a complete directory. The site is a constantly growing database of Mobile Marketing firms that will be added over time.

We do not charge any fees for listings at present, however this is subject to change at the discretion of the management at Mobuzz.