Matomy’s myDSP: A Worthy Panacea to the Inherent Flaws of Obsolete Demand-Side Platforms

Matomy recently launched what is undoubtedly its most revolutionary demand-side platform yet: myDSP. The brainchild of two already-proven platforms, MobFox DSP and MobFox SSP, myDSP seeks to further enhance the capabilities of today’s self-serve demand-side platforms in order to realize Matomy’s primary goal: to streamline and reduce their clients’ advertisement and optimization workloads while delivering quality service that centers on smarter features. The platform also capitalizes on the faults of most of the available DSPs at present. Below are its most noteworthy features:

Abundance of Publishers to Choose From

The platform is able to offer clients with as much as 40,000 publishers from MobFox SSP, besides other guaranteed supply from other SSPs like Inneractive and MoPub. Of course, this only ever means lesser time spent in looking for the best, prospective ones out there.

Ad Options with Unprecedented Targeting Capabilities

Every advertiser would certainly love myDSP’s highly flexible targeting options. With it, advertisers would gain better control over which specific audience to target. The fact that it also offers support for all IAB categories only makes this platform responsive to advertisers who already have on-going campaigns.

Smarter Ad Spending

myDSP guarantees user convenience by helping media buyers become aware of the right times to spend on advertisements based on comprehensive, real-time reporting of data. You can also set how regularly you want to spend, limit your expenditures based on your budget, and even prioritize customers that have been proven to convert in the past.

Micro Bidding that Results in Better Campaigns that Focus on Brand Awareness

This is made possible by the fact that media buyers using myDSP are allowed to make bids with varying CPMs even in a single campaign. With this feature’s help, the buyers are technically afforded more bidding power as well as efficiency in every campagin. This is especially helpful for campaigns that place brand awareness in the forefront.

Intelligent Reporting that Ensures Quick, Seamless Campaign Setups

As said above, all the information you need about your campaigns can be viewed in real-time. Of course, with all the vital information within arm’s reach, it only ever becomes easier for campaigns to be setup in a fewer steps and, in turn, optimized.

myDSP Apparently Gives More Control and Convenience to Advertisers

The fact that the platform advocates self-service could not highlight Matomy’s desire to place advertisers in the wheel more. This is just apt, as this is where most online endeavors are headed nowadays in the first place. It doesn’t only provide them with a great way to lessen the time and effort it takes to perform needed actions, but it also pretty much ensures that their campaigns would succeed as well, since optimization is basically guaranteed from the outset.


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