Mobile Advertising Insights & Opportunities in Africa by Chibuike, Dochase


Chibuike is the Co-founder of Dochase Limited, an robust internet advertising technology in Nigeria. provides Programmatic Advertising technology that connects businesses and brands to millions of target customers on mobile and desktop internet with dynamic, measurable and robust adverts and customer targeting features.This helps businesses to attract new customers, boost online sales and improve brand image and visibility in Nigeria.

Mobile Penetration in Emerging Markets

The huge population in Africa presents huge opportunities for businesses locally and internationally. Businesses are interested in reaching customers in Africa.  The former challenges of connectivity in Africa are being solved with cheaper smartphone entering the market at prices as low as $30. This means more of the African population will be online. Africa has 300 million Internet users as at 2016 and will reach 1 billion a few years. These are the same customers that shop in e-commerce, buy brands and use consumer goods. Therefore mobile adverts will reach target customers by mobile devices 

Programmatic Dominance

Advertising is becoming more programmatic than ever. Advertisers want to know if their adverts are reaching the right people. Programmatic seeks to deliver the right adverts to the right person at the right time, right device, right appeal. Dochase is pioneering programmatic discovery in Africa and middle east and yet a major global player in the ad space. Businesses are channeling their marketing budgets to programmatic buying. This explain why programmatic ad spend grew from $17b to $46b in three years. Nearly 80% Of U.S. Display Spending Will Be Programmatic by 2019. Therefore any ad business that is not in programmatic will be obsolete in few years. Advertising agencies in Africa have used the Dochase technology to deliver programmatic campaigns locally and globally.

Header Bidding

Header bidding is the tool used to ‘flatten’ the waterfall and to re-open, the open auction. Publishers are given more opportunities for diverse fill and advertisers more opportunity to reach their desired audience. This gives more control to the publisher. 

Convergence with Telecom

The advertising landscape will have a meeting point with telecom. This can come in various forms like data sharing, accuracy and joint analysis. It takes a really creative adtech to effectively meet up the convergence. But trends will see more telecom making investments in ad tech companies either in total acquisition or major investments

Connected Devices

The customers are more complicated with the arrival of Internet of things. We have TV screens, domestic gadgets all connected to the Internet. The customer interacts with all these. Therefore, the future will see advertisers using connected devices to reach customers passively and actively.


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