Remarketing – How India Buys on Mobile [Infographic]

Mobile advertising and discovery platform InMobi has used its unique access to millions of consumers to delve into their shopping habits and has released some interesting data on its blog on how people shop on their mobile devices. The two main insights retailers are:

Seeing is Buying – shoppers are more likely to buy if they see things they like. It makes common sense. So the more a retailer can help their users discover relevant products, the more likely they are to go on to purchase them.

Remarketing wins shoppers back – retargeting shoppers who signaled their interest but then abandoned their carts or got distracted helps bring them back into the purchase journey and translates to higher sales.

The findings charted here show how India buys on mobile

18% of the shopping are made during Saturday. Purchase through the week tends to reach its max during night.

On average of 4 hours, shopping is made by the purchaser once the product is moved into wish list.

If the product moves to the cart, it takes an average of 2 hours to  make the final purchase.

The time from revisiting product options to checkout, it takes only 1 hour for the final purchase.

In the top of the purchase funnel, many products remain undiscovered. 90% of the product gets abandoned in the middle of the funnel. Finally a single product is purchased.

From the observation, Inmobi has predicted that, remarketing to shoppers can lead to 4%+ of sales uplift.

Finally they have concluded that remarketing based on user intent, can improve 21 times ROI.



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