Top 6 Tips To Improve Your User Acquisition Strategy

A user acquisition strategy is the driving force behind all successful apps. You need to have users to generate revenue and market your game or app. Having users is also the social proof that potential users consider when downloading.

At this moment in time, getting those users is becoming harder and harder. Developers are releasing more and more apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store every single day. This increase in competition means you need to have the best user acquisition strategy possible. But developing these strategies can be time consuming and you need all the time you can get. Successful apps and games don’t just happen by themselves.

Here are some tips for how to cross-promote by PocketGamer:

#Pick a partner (and audience) wisely: Does it make sense for a car wash to cross-promote with the jewelry store on the other side of town? Most likely not. If the car wash promoted with a tire manufacturer they would have a better chance of being successful. When picking a partner be thoughtful of cooperative businesses who may be in your same industry but not competitors. Also think geographically. If the car wash and jewelry store are in the same shopping center (instead of on the other side of town) they might be a great partner.

# Create a brand around your games

To build a strong brand, make sure your apps use similar colour palettes and a consistent design language throughout. Make sure your app icons have the same “watermark” a la King and other large studios. You’re not just building disjointed singular apps, you are building a studio, a business, and even a whole ecosystem of branded games

Incentivised and low value

An obvious problems with exchange platforms is that you only get what you give. If you’re starting out with hardly any users, then you’ll struggle to generate downloads, as no one will be clicking your exchange partner’s ad. Also, with direct cross promotion, the same users may see the same ads over and over again. Network exchange platforms get over this hurdle by avoiding direct deals and using algorithms to match-up ads, but there’s still the catch 22 of requiring users to get users. This is why cross exchanges need to be combined with CPI or other forms of advertising to really take off.

# Extra Space

Cross-promotions can make sense in a format or placement where ads don’t.

If there’s a spot in your app that you know gets a lot of views but doesn’t get clicks or attention, insert a button or graphic badge there that links to your other games.

# Incentivised Downloads

Offer users an incentive to download an advertiser’s app. For instance, a user is typically presented with an offer wall interstitial ad within an app, which allows them access to extra content (be it virtual currency, in game items etc) for downloading the advertiser’s app.

# Try an array of strategies

Marketing an app can be a costly and tedious affair especially for app developers who are just starting out. While there are many ways which can be used to market an app, some techniques such as cross promotion have proven to be more effective. With cross promotion, the costs of marketing an app can be brought down and of more importance is the fact that you will be reaching an audience which is already engaged.

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