Infographic: How To Stop Paying For Mobile Ad Fraud

Mobile ad fraud represents one of the most daring challenges for mobile marketers today.

According to S4M, ad fraud cost digital advertisers well over $9.93 billion in 2016. Another report, which S4M conducted indicated that 23% of clicks are considered suspicious.

Ad fraud is an important issue: beyond stealing money away from mobile marketers, who are already struggling with high acquisition costs and user attrition, it also slowly undermines trust between the players of our industry, resulting in additional costs for everyone involved.

Some of the noteworthy tips to avoid ad fraud clicks are, Count an impression only when it is rendered on device.

Invalid clicks can be identified through Unique certified filtration technology.

Post click action is the best way to evaluate campaign effectiveness. With the strict bodies like MRC, IAB or MMA we can start saving instead of losing.


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