Interview: Future of App Monetization by Stephen Caffrey, CEO/Co-Founder,

Acquiring users for your app is one challenge, capitalizing on this engagement is another. From video ads to in-app purchasing, there are many monetization options to consider – but user experience is always key to retaining engaged users.


Watch along as industry expert Stephen Caffrey, CoFounder & CEO of Before peeking into the interview, lets glance a crisp bio of him.

Mr.Stephen, where he is responsible for overall vision and strategy of the company.

He has 10 years of experience working in marketing technology companies implementing successful product and sales strategies. Also he is a  former corporate banker in a previous life. He is here with us to discuss top tips to help you win in the game of app monetization.

What do you focus on in order to reach your goals? is a programmatic mediation tool that delivers improved mobile developer monetization.We are guided by our principles of delivering cutting edge marketing automation, industry leading revenue performance and the achieving the highest levels of customer support for all our partners.

How does app monetisation help developers drive revenue?

Ad funded monetization has clearly been the winner for the majority of apps since the evolution of users from desktop to mobile.

By introducing a mediation layer to their monetization developers can save time, increase the number of advertiser’s they are exposed to and improve the revenue generated on every impression.

Do you think app monetisation could be considered a sort of art? Or is something closer to making business and money?

We believe there is a nuanced relationship between these two elements.

In advertising the term art is typically used to describe something that isn’t properly understood.  We consider the meaning of ‘art’ as the application of creative skill consciously applied to improve a product. In this sense there is a clear strand of art through our technology.

Of course this means nothing if your product cannot generate competitive eCPMs and your team cannot provide the highest level of support for our partners.

We’re acutely aware of the role both vocations play in making our clients happy.

What do you think the future of ad tech will look like?

At the top of the year I posted my picks for key mobile ad trends in 2016 on LinkedIn.

Broadly speaking the future of advertising technology will be molded by those with the highest quality user data, the best implementation of this data and optimization strategies driven by machine learning.

App monetisation is a highly competitive market. How do you stay ahead and continually grow your audience?

We stay ahead by focusing on our core principles and allowing these to lead us down the path of innovation, rather than imitation.

Practically speaking, this boils down to quality of mediation, performance of optimization, variety of advertising available and most importantly, best-in-class customer support.

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