The Advanced Guide to Mobile Apps Marketing & Analytics [PDF]

Creating a successful app is easier said than done. With competition growing and app user expectations evolving, making your app a stand-out can seem increasingly difficult.

This advanced, comprehensive guide  by buzinga covers everything you need to know about app analytics and marketing. In it, you’ll receive a thorough mobile run-down, including:

  • A review of marketing basics
  • A deeper look at the critical metrics for measuring app success(including how to track them and what the data means)
  • A comprehensive reading list, including additional resources featuring examples of brands running smart & sophisticated marketing campaigns

Plus, get hands-on how-tos, such as:

  • Ways to run better acquisition campaigns & develop buyer personas
  • How to use behavioral & profile data to gain a complete view of your users (in-app and outside of it)
  • The key to create engaging push & in-app messaging
  • How to put together a highly-personalized marketing campaign.

All you need is one copy on hand to answer your most pressing app questions. Just download the guide – The Advanced Guide To Mobile Apps Marketing & Analytics

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